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Gaia Integrated Health is a center for natural health and wellness.  Esther Kovacs, MSTCM, BSN, utilizes Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Yoga & Fitness, and Energy Medicine to guide individuals to a balanced state of health.  Schedule appointments for consultations or participate in the Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program.


Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine is the sister science of yoga and the oldest holistic medical system still in existence today.  Through assessing your individual Ayurvedic mind-body type and tracking the root cause of imbalances, recommendations around lifestyle, Ayurvedic therapies, supplements, yoga, and fitness can then be made.  This customized approach integrates the mind, body, and spirit in creating balance and vitality.  Initial consultations last an hour and a half and include assessment of your Ayurvedic constitution, your health history and current imbalances, and the formation of a health plan.  Follow-up consultations of 45-minute duration assess your progress and make changes to the health plan as necessary.  
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The Ayurveda Mind-Body Program

The Ayurveda Mind-Body Program, developed by Esther Kovacs, is an eight-week individualized program specifically targeting optimizing digestion.  The client meets with Esther individually for each session.  The goal of each session is to walk away with a specific, effective tool for balancing and enhancing digestion.  Sessions include stress-relief practices, grocery store excursions, and individualized yoga and fitness routines.  Optimal digestion is considered the foundation of good health in Ayurveda.  Without it, the body-mind follows a path of deterioration.  By balancing digestion, quality of life can be significantly amplified and longevity promoted.  
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Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine sessions can include either Reiki or Bengston Method work.   During a session, the practitioner uses light touch to channel energy into the body, resulting in relaxation, stress relief, and healing.  Reiki is a three thousand-year-old system originating from Japan while the Bengston Method is a more recent energy work modality with laboratory research demonstrating the successful cure of cancer in mice.  Current research shows that energy medicine work may have similarities to electromagnetic therapy.  Sessions are one hour in duration.  
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