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Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program FAQ

What kinds of issues can the HHW Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program help to address?
Since Ayurveda ties numerous illnesses to improper digestion, a number of issues can be addressed with this program including but not limited to: fatigue, weight and fitness concerns, mental-emotional issues, pain, stress, digestion issues, and women’s health.

Why not just schedule a regular Ayurveda consultation?
There is a lot of information in Ayurveda that takes time to learn and 50% of any therapeutic plan is eliminating the root cause of illness through lifestyle interventions. This program breaks down these lifestyle measures, making the information streamlined, simple, and accessible so that you can easily integrate Ayurvedic practices into your daily life This information is necessary to learn in order to make the most out of any Ayurvedic therapy plan.

What can I expect to learn through this program?
The 8-week program is designed so that you walk away with a simple and effective tool each week that enables you increase your quality of life. Sessions include interactive practice in how to relax and minimize stress, shop at a grocery store for your own individual needs, navigate going out to eat with friends or coworkers, and institute a system of personal self-care. You will understand how to make sense of food choices, form a better connection with your food and therefore yourself, and regulate the process of digestion both physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

Can I utilize this program to compliment my Yoga practice?
Yes. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences that directly compliment each other. During this program, you learn a number of practices that you can utilize before, during, and after your yoga asana practice. By balancing your body with Ayurveda, specifically by focusing on digestion, you can bring your body better into balance and more able to move through the opening and strengthening of the postures on not only a physical level but a mental-emotional one as well.

Is the program the same for each person?
No. Ayurveda is a very much individualized holistic health science as it recognizes that what is healthy for one person is not necessarily healthy for the next due to each person’s individual make-up. The program starts with assessing your Ayurvedic constitution, or prakruti, along with your individual imbalances. This acts as the foundation of the program since what you eat and how, what kind of exercise or yoga asanas you do and how, etc. is dependent on what your personal needs are. You can also choose to highlight a specific concern for you such as weight management, energy balance, or skin health, to name a few.

How do I schedule an appointment?
To schedule an appointment, visit the Gaia Integrated Health online scheduler. Appointments for the Ayurveda MBH Program can be made by scheduling 4 or 8 sessions ahead of time. Appointments are not made on a single-session basis given the cumulative and commitment-focused nature of the program.

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